Modern Range Management For The Modern Space Age

Space launches have traditionally relied on limited windows to ensure public safety and allow unimpeded access through the air domain. Unfortunately, as the number of launches increases, windows become more inefficient. Launch opportunities are limited by vehicle performance, inter agency adjudication of airspace priorities, orbital mechanics, and an unending list of other considerations.

To establish these launch windows, airspace, marine traffic, public-use spaces, and other areas must be cleared during the window in case of an anomaly and to provide a clear passage to and from space. Airspace closures often require dozens of flights to route around the spaceport for several hours while the Coast Guard keeps maritime traffic clear of the impact area. The resources and time involved with doing all of this are immense, and it also limits a launch provider’s opportunities to launch their vehicle and payload.

The number of global commercial launches is poised to explode and overwhelm currently available resources. The US commercial launch industry is on the cusp of a 300–500% increase in launch rates in the next 20 years. Not to mention a staggering rise in orbital traffic as more and more satellites are lofted into space to provide benefits for us here on Earth. What if there was a way to identify launch windows as they occur in real time? Launch on Demand can provide a bounded operating environment anytime, anywhere, for both orbital and sub-orbital spaceflight operations using a deep network of data and telemetry, weather information, and other necessities.

Launch on Demand uses the largest flight-tracking network in the United States. We are utilizing more than 60 individual data feed sources to collect information. When paired with our patented On-Orbit Collision Avoidance Analysis, we can establish a safe environment for commercial spaceflight operations. Our expertise doesn’t stop there. We provide:

  • FAA 420/450 licensing assistance
  • Day-of-launch commercial range solutions.
  • End-to-end spaceport master planning.

Launch on Demand removes obstacles currently in the way of launch providers so that they can focus on developing their spaceflight technologies and continue the innovation that drives the spaceflight industry into the future.

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