Understanding Great Cholesterol: An Overview to HDL Cholesterol

In today’s world, where cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol levels are ending up being increasingly widespread, it is essential to understand the various types of cholesterol as well as their effect on our health. While bad cholesterol, likewise referred to as LDL cholesterol, has obtained considerable focus, great cholesterol, or HDL cholesterol, commonly goes unnoticed. In this article, we will delve into the world of excellent cholesterol and also explore its relevance for our overall well-being. Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that is located in all cells of the body. It plays an essential role in several physical

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The Case for US Commercial Space

As Global Space Economy Heats Up and U.S. Lags Behind, Business Leaders Should Take Action By Burton Catledge, Founder and CEO of Launch On Demand The U.S. is in a heated commercial space race with China, and early indications show that we are losing – and South Floridians, like the rest of the country, should take note. The impacts on key sectors including technology, education, healthcare and the business community in general, not to mention our global leadership positioning, will be significant unless we all work together to raise awareness and encourage our leaders to take the right steps

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Modern Range Management For The Modern Space Age

Space launches have traditionally relied on limited windows to ensure public safety and allow unimpeded access through the air domain. Unfortunately, as the number of launches increases, windows become more inefficient. Launch opportunities are limited by vehicle performance, inter agency adjudication of airspace priorities, orbital mechanics, and an unending list of other considerations. To establish these launch windows, airspace, marine traffic, public-use spaces, and other areas must be cleared during the window in case of an anomaly and to provide a clear passage to and from space. Airspace closures often require dozens of flights to route around the spaceport

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