Launch Range Solutions

Launch Collision Avoidance

Launch Collision Avoidance (LCOLA) analysis capability using new high-efficiency approaches and proprietary algorithms. The tool maximizes launch window availability using responsive, comprehensive, and efficient LCOLA closure screening techniques. Utilizes the underlying topography of the launch closure problem to identify and characterize all launch holds within the user-specified launch window without confining the launch operator to “top-of-the-minute” or other such constructs rapidly and accurately.

Air Surveillance

Launch on Demand partners with the leading digital aviation company that operates the world's most extensive flight tracking and data platform. They provide over 10,000 aircraft operators, service providers, and over 13,000,000 passengers with global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology, analytics, and decision-making tools. They have multiple disparate data feed sources, including data from its network of ADS-B ground stations in 195 countries, air traffic control systems in over 45 countries, Aireon global space-based ADS-B, and datalink (satellite/VHF) via every primary provider. From these feeds, their data fusion engine seamlessly fuses thousands of real-time, global data points with their proprietary AI models and algorithms. Leveraging this data with robust, intuitive, responsive, and reliable web-based interfaces and APIs yields the world's most comprehensive, capable, and valuable flight tracking and digital aviation data platform.

Long Range Optics

Launch on Demand provides engineering imagery services for visual and multi-spectral video processing, distribution, and recording for vehicle processing events, hazardous operations, and launch/in-flight operations for engineering analysis and media broadcast as needed.

Launch Forecast

Launch on Demand provides a combination of meteorological, climatological, weather models, local knowledge, and experience. We evaluate and report violations of weather constraints before and during the launch countdown. Launch on Demand can customize specific user weather constraints, such as surface winds, precipitation, temperature, upper-level wind shear, solar activity, and natural/triggered lightning detection.

Launch Safety Analysis

Flight Safety Analysis (FSA) operates during the mission planning, trajectory analysis, public risk analysis, launch operations, and post-launch analysis phases of launch and reentry. It applies to launch and reentry vehicles, launch and reentry sites, mission plans, and procedures. Our FSA calculates processes, validates, and analyzes data, including outputting specific flight safety products required by 14 CFR Parts 420 and 450.

Maritime Surveillance

Launch on Demand partners with a global ship tracking intelligence service, which utilizes proprietary datasets. The service provides real-time solutions that incorporate fleet monitoring, event tracking, real-time analytics, situational awareness, competitor tracking, global/local supply, flexible reporting, and data delivery via API services.

Timing and Sequencing

Successfully accessing space requires a tremendous amount of coordination between systems, people, and external factors to ensure precise trajectories and predictions. Launch on Demand provides a full range of time and count capabilities for any mission.

Frequency Monitoring and Spectrum Protection

Control of the Spectrum Operating Picture (SOP) is a critical component of the operational success of the launch and landing of the spacecraft. Ongoing spectrum monitoring provides a watchful eye on the use of RF resources within the launch/landing zones. Leveraging an established knowledge of the operational equipment's RF footprint and signal level provides the ongoing spectrum monitoring that assures known frequencies and power levels are within thresholds throughout the mission. Anomalies above or below the established SOP and RF signal thresholds are appropriately alarmed and trigger notification to the appropriate command level.

Launch Range Solutions

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